Bradley Lane   

Following a number of years sponsoring Scotty Lane, Hi-Q now are proud sponsor to Scotty's younger talented son Bradley Lane in the NZ Modifieds.



Colo Boys Football Club

Colo Boys FC is an independently run senior football club based on Auckland's North Shore. The first-team competes in ASFA League One.

Massey University Cupcake Pavillion

Hi-Q supplied rivets to the students at Massey university. The students set up cupcake pavillions in Auckland CBD.

Dion Kendall Racing

Our seccond season supporting Dion running a Sprint car at Vodafone Western Springs Speedway 

Hi-Q Components Formula First

Hi-Q Components proud sponsors for the 'Hi-Q components NZ formula first championship'
For more information have a look at the website:

Matt Higham Racing

University of Canterbury Motorsport

University of Canterbury Motorsport is a student run organisation that competes in the largest university competition in the world, Formula SAE. 
The team comprises of intermediate students, to post graduate students to third pro students doing thier final year on the project car. 
For more information have a look a the website

Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust

Hi-Q Components are proud to be a corporate sponsor of the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust. 

Formula SAE


Formula SAE is an internationally renowned design competition in which teams from all over the globe compete.
University of Auckland Formula SAE Team, has grown from a small group of dedicated enthusiasts to a 40 member strong team. 
For more information have a look at the website: