Button Marker Type 1

The Button Marker for Type 1 accurately aligns the Button-fix, dramatically speeding up the marking out stage.

Button-fix is an easy, accurate and secure method of invisibly attaching panels, signage and objects to walls, ceilings and other surfaces.

Fix panels at lightning speed
The concept is simple: robust Buttons are attached to the back of one panel and the mating Fixes are attached to the other. Bring the panels together until the Button-fixes ‘click’.

Button-fix is an excellent choice for shop fitting, furniture manufacture and signage applications

- No unsightly screws or bolts
- Perfect alignment
- Incredibly strong

Product Description:

The button marker for type 1 accurately aligns the button-fix, dramatically speeding up the marking out stage.

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04-171005-1 2020 Button Marker tool
1-24 $4.5400,
25-99 $4.5400,
100-499 $4.5400,
500-999 $4.5400,
1000-4999 $4.5400,
5000+ $4.5400
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