EPDM Tube & Grips

Product Description:

Primarily designed for applications that must withstand excessive
outdoor exposure, EPDM foam has excellent resistance to both water
and sunlight. It has many of the same characteristics as NPVC foam
in terms of look, feel, function, and durability. In fact, while EPDM
grips are frequently requested, most applications can be more cost
effectively satisfied with NPVC.
Please refer to our suppliers website for product range and sizes so we
can order for you : https://store.gripworks.com/models.html
Please contact our sales team for a quotation and samples as required

Part No. Description Price (ex.GST) Unit Availability Order Qty
12-EPT238660 Foam Tube CPE/EPDM 23.8mmID 660.4mmL
1-24 $13.3200,
25-99 $13.3200,
100-499 $13.3200,
500-999 $13.3200,
1000-4999 $13.3200,
5000+ $13.3200
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