Type 3

Product Description:

Newest addition to the button fix family is now in stock - push-on/pull-off mount for wall and ceiling panels, no sliding to engage required!
It can be used in most places where you would use a type 1, but simply want a push-on connection and not a "slide to engage" action. It can also be used in conjustion with the Type 1 Button-fix as well.
It is ideal for....
- Wall and lightweight celing panels
- Boat and interiors with irregular-shaped panels
- Acoustic panels including acoustic felt panels
- Upholstered panels, bed headboards and banquette seating
- Panels at the end-of-run or in tight corners on a Button-fix Type 1 installation where sliding engagement is not possible

Part No. Description Price (ex.GST) Unit Availability Order Qty
04-171030-12 Type 3 Fix + Type 3 Button
1-24 $1.9800,
25-99 $1.9800,
100-499 $1.9800,
500-999 $1.9800,
1000-4999 $1.9800,
5000+ $1.9800
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