Hemisphere Tube Insert


•Plug the ends of scaffold tube while in use & storage

•Prevents water, debris or contaminants from entering the inside of tube  

Colour: Stock colour is black

Material: Polyethylene

Product Description:

Tube insert with full hemisphere head, fits 48.3mmOD tube.
Provides good protection and decorative finish to the tube end.

Part No. Description Price (ex.GST) Unit Availability Order Qty
14-NPRD50/2HF Tube Insert PE Rnd 50.8OD 1.2-2.5 Wall Hemisphere
1-24 $5.5237,
25-99 $5.5237,
100-499 $5.5237,
500-999 $5.5237,
1000-4999 $5.5237,
5000+ $5.5237
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